A Successful Relief Mission in San Pedro Laguna

Amidst of the flooding there’s always hope: AKP’s Relief Mission at Landayan San Pedro Laguna
August 25, 2013

Calamities neutralize everything.

Typhoon “Maring “ had hit Philippines severely; declaring several places in the country in the state of calamity including the place that Artistikong Kabataan Philippines Inc has been to last Sunday, 25th of August 2013. Together with individuals from the Rotary Club Alabang centerpoint headed by Ms.Josie Evans, Ksearch Asia’s Ms.Krizel Balasabas, Asian Development Bank’s Mr. Batir Mirbabaev and Jardine Engineering Company’s Mr.Hugo Marland; the team of AKP headed to Landayan San Pedro Laguna to give residents inflicted by the typhoon immediate aid through giving relief goods.

The baranggay that the team visited has 2,000 people. They are situated in a not so conducive environment for health and development. Most residents have been suffering from several diseases due to the flood. People have been mobilized in cooperation by the Bravo Team situated in the affected area.

The group has managed to collate goods that will be beneficial to the needs of the people. Medicines, boxes of milk and clothing were given.

This experience has shown foreign loyal supporters of AKP two sides of the Philippines. Still, with the attitude of the Filipinos as Mr Mirbabaev always quote “There is no such thing as spoiled beauty in the Philippines”. Despite the depressing condition brought by the typhoon, the residents are grateful to the collated efforts of the team. Responsible partnership had made this mission successful.

Mr.Marland of JEC has found the whole activity very meaningful saying “It’s good to make a bit of a difference” and so does Mr.Mirbabaev of ADB who both went through the flood and deliver goods in the homes of those who are in remote areas within the barangay. Each individual present on this mission has given their time and treasure on a personal level. Ms.Evans of RCAC has been doing these kinds of mission every year since Typhoon Ondoy.

This year, the water level in the said area has subsided a little unlike last year. The team observed various creative ideas by the residents as they managed to recycle plastic drums to water transport. The fabricated boats transported the team to remote areas within the area. The attitude of the residents is admirable as amidst of the calamity, they are still hopeful that their area will be developed. Through this mission, it allowed many of us to reflect and take the chance to share our blessings with the most in need.

Again, AKP would like to thank the Rotary Club of Alabang CenterPoint, KSearch Asia Consulting Inc, Murphy’s , Atom Logistics Corporation, Otaku Society of the Lyceum of the Philippines University, Ms.Josie Evans, Mr.Batir Mirbabaev, Mr.Hugo Marland, and Team Bravo of Landayan. AKP’s mission turned out to be very meaningful through them and their donations. It is well felt by the residents of the said area. The bag filled with goods signifies our collated efforts to help people help themselves and to start a new.


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